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When I was living at the Pratt Institute dormitory in the early 70s I would play this song every Sunday morning after waking up. Actually I did it after lighting the first cigarette of the day and going to the … Continue reading

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.The title comes from Winston Churchill’s speech to the House of Commons on June 18, 1940 in anticipation of The Battle of Britain. Also known as the “Finest Hour” speech. The lead up to that phrase is about sinking into … Continue reading

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  The theme was “Mama Rules.” My mother died a long time ago and my memory of good stories about her is fuzzy at best, so I wasn’t even planning on going. But it was close, I looked it up … Continue reading

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When I was a kid the big deal sneakers were Converse Chuck Taylors, or All Stars; depending on what part of the sneaker you looked at. I always wanted a pair, but we were poor, so mom said, “no dice.” … Continue reading

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The Doughnut Hole

I have never had a cronut- nor have I ever had an overwhelming desire to have one. I’m told that people stand in long lines to get one of those, just like they used to stand in line for the … Continue reading

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Ghosts Of Christmases Past

This is my first Christmas blog, and I thought and thought about what to write about. I wanted to call it “Have yourself a tacky little Christmas,” somebody in the building added these tacky CVS ornaments to our corporate styled … Continue reading

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