One of the best things about living where we live is the amount of green in close proximity. We are blocks from the Hudson River Park, Jackie Robinson Park, and Highbridge Park. We are a short bike ride away from Fort Tyron Park and The Cloisters. There is also the Trinity Church Cemetery one block north of us and the Jumal Mansion Park up Amsterdam Avenue.
I’ve only been to The Hudson River Park and Jumal Mansion, and we did ride through part of Fort Tyron last summer, and I’ve also walked through the Trinity Church Cemetery where I visited with both Ed Koch and James Audubon.
There are smaller patches of green, of course; starting with our new little garden in front of the building. God bless the woman on the first floor who set that up and hand painted the little wooden fence to keep out the dogs.

no dogs
There is also Convent Garden, as opposed to Covent Gardens in London, which I get it confused with sometimes. It’s tough being dyslexic at times, confusing stuff for lack of a letter.
Convent Garden is a very nice garden in the triangle at the corner of 152nd Street, St. Nicholas Avenue and the beginning of Convent Avenue. It’s got a gazebo.
My favorite garden though, is the unnamed cat garden right down the block on 152nd right across the street from the Dance Theater of Harlem. It’s never open, as opposed to Convent Garden, but it is neat and pretty and is full of cats. Right down the block is a garden of cars; actually there was only one car there today. There are usually three, all carefully covered over with tarps. An empty grass lot with cars in it qualifies as a garden of sort, since it’s mostly green.

car lot
So the Garden of Cats has a little stone bench and planted flowers an a tree and like I said, a bunch of cats that lay in the sun or otherwise prowl around being free cats.
There is a sign on the chain link fence about a lost cat called Miso. The first time we noticed the sign Danusia realized that Miso was sitting right there, right behind the fence not two feet from the sign asking, “have you seen this cat?”
Yes, we are looking at this cat right now, I thought.

Danusia dutifully called the number on the wanted poster and reported seeing the cat not two feet from the sign in a garden on 152nd Street. That was about three months ago when we passed the garden on our way home from the subway, and Miso was still there this afternoon. Either whomever put up the sign doesn’t care Miso is there or he’s a habitual runaway. He does seem quite at home in the garden, though.
We are quite at home here ourselves, with the trees and the grass and the cats. And those vintage cars down the block.

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I like to write, take things apart and put them back together. Also our cat Snookie, turtles, and my lovely wife Danusia.
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