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The first Christmas tree I remember with any clarity was the tree my mother bought the Christmas of 1963. I was 7 years old and President Kennedy had been assassinated just weeks before.We waited till Christmas Eve, my mother explained … Continue reading

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      I wanted to write this on Thursday, but I was busy getting ready for our small family Thanksgiving gathering. Then I was busy eating and chatting with our guests, Danusia’s niece Kasia and her husband Charles, and … Continue reading

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Thanks A Million!

Last Saturday I finally got around to distributing my thank you cards to the tenants. It was easy because I had to do the mail on Saturday, we are a “drop house,” which means the mailman (or woman) drops off … Continue reading

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The Last Stale Doughnut

I had to work on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I’ve done it before, mind you; when I was the day man I would come in at 7am and watch the marching bands get disgorged in front of the building and prepare … Continue reading

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