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The Heel Spur

I’ve known I had a heel spur for some time now, probably four years or so. And of course, like a typical man, I did nothing about it until it just about crippled me. I knew the options, an operation … Continue reading

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Turtle Lady

My Eastern Box Turtle Tia, died the weekend before last. I have no idea how old she was, but I’d had her for twenty four or so years. Tia is short for “Tortilla“, which is what my then two-year old … Continue reading

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Scatty Catty

The cat sniffed the edge of the pooper-scooper with the delicacy of a sommelier, and satisfied, made the cat-grimace cats make when they smell something pleasurable. The first time I ever saw that was when a friends cat spent some … Continue reading

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My wife wrote a play, a one woman autobiographical show she was going to call TOMATOES, but ended up calling it WONDERBREAD instead. It was a fun show. She was going to call it Tomatoes because as a child her … Continue reading

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